All electrical products are already required to be marked with manufacturer model, production lot and electrical ratings.

The RightPlug standard defines how this information is encoded within the plug, making it electronically readable.


Smart Grid, Smart Meters and Smart Appliances are all playing a part in helping us to conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Unfortunately, the cost of "smart" prevents it's application in lower cost products that make up the majority of electrical devices.

RightPlug digital encoding, in conjunction with RightPlug compatible Smart Outlets, enables "not-so-smart" electrical devices to interact with the smart grid with minimal extra cost in the appliance. Increasing the number of devices that can interact with Smart Grid technologies drastically increases the efficacy of demand response and cost reduction efforts.


Counterfeit and diverted products are a significant problem for manufacturers worldwide, and represents a potential safety hazard to users.

RightPlug digital encoding, in conjunction with an online authentication database, detects products that have not passed through the legitimate manufacturing and distribution process. Customs inspectors, retailers and consumers can rapidly verify the authenticity of products using a reader device and an internet connection.


RightPlug encoding standards are designed to permit the storage of a wide variety of application-specific data. It is a certainty that reader devices will not understand at least some of the application-specific data in a particular plug. RightPlug encoding is designed to allow a reader to find relevant data and ignore unrecognized data.

This structure allows new data encodings for currently unknown applications to be added to the standard while maintaining 100% backwards compatibility.


  • Product authentication to combat counterfeit and misappropriated goods.
  • Smart Grid connectivity for "non-smart" electrical devices.
  • Home automation.
  • Electrical safety.
  • Other aplications to be defined ...